Support Team Should be Able to Utilize Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

Support Team Should be Able to Utilize Upselling and Cross-selling Opportunities

After a deal is closed, customer support will interact with customers more frequently and spend more time monitoring their operations with the product or service. These conversations make them the ideal candidate to find upsell and cross-sell possibilities. But how do they know about the order and updated pricing details?


Benefits of this Use Case


It's critical to pick the better opportunity to provide an upsell or cross-sell between the conversations of Support team, and the offers may seem as useful and relevant to the client. Customer support can note down the behaviours or actions that suggest a customer is ready to commit to more opportunities if available that is better suited to their needs. Then they may notify their sales team so that they can close the deal without leaving the interface. 

Other Benefits are:

1. Single Database

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction

3. Provides quicker Solutions to Tickets

4. Support team/ Sales Reps can Automate Manual Tasks and Receive Real-time Alerts 

5. Seamless Integration of Contacts and Data


Applications and Systems that need to be integrated


Having your Help Desk and CRM systems in sync makes it simple. Both systems must be integrated as seamlessly as possible, so that when a customer submits a ticket in the system, a notification is delivered to your CRM.


How Gridlex’s Integrated App Suite Helps 


Gridlex's integrated Help Desk and CRM gives you sales opportunities from every conversation. In addition to that, the integration provides a 360-degree view of customers, increases efficiency, and encourage employee collaborations. The integration brings home more sales opportunities and solutions through efficient and simple reporting and , and reduce the amount of administrative work and data entry that is done manually. By giving the information to sales reps about the invoices, they can just be capable of handling the sales and after sales scenarios better.