About Us

Gridlex Mission, Operating Principles & Cultural Values:

Our mission is to improve your organization’s productivity. Our applications come up with implementation & support services so that your organization is successful.

We have three operating principles:

Customer Success

We do what it takes to make the customer successful

Deep expertise

We have deep expertise in the areas we operate in

High Velocity Execution

We execute quickly in both implementation and support


Founder & Team

Gridlex is an engineering and customer success centric based out of the US & India. Gridlex was founded by Nik Rao. As the CEO of Gridlex, Nik has overall responsibility for company strategy, culture & and performance. He is particularly focused on developing the product roadmap and creating an operating environment for faster execution of the roadmap.

Gridlex Careers

We are always looking for high performing software engineers, writers and marketing analysts. If you believe you are a fit, please email us at hr@gridlex.com

Our Customers