Gridlex’s Application Suite helps run your organization

Ace – Learning, Training & Compliance

Gridlex Ace Training and Compliance application is a highly customized learning management system to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Gridlex’s CRM is highly customizable to meet the industry specific needs of an organization. For e.g. our Healthcare specific CRM implementation has additional modules that fit organization needs perfectly.

Expense Management

Regular expense management systems are not customized enough to meet the specific needs of your organization or industry. Gridlex’s expense management has all the standard features but also tuned to the specific needs of your industry.

Forms & Surveys

Gridlex’s forms & surveys application is different from generic form developers. Our forms are multi layered and complex and have operations automation steps involved in them.

Dexur Healthcare App Suite

Dexur is Gridlex’s Life Healthcare App Suite and has additional Life Sciences & Hospital applications that fit organizations perfectly.