Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between CRM & HRMS

Gridlex’s CRM and Payroll + HRMS integration provides a complete overview of customers, finances and employee operations. With integrated CRM+HRMS software, sales reps can easily generate custom proposals, approve orders, see invoices and encash sales-commissions without leaving the interface. Devising a single application for CRM and HRMS, Gridlex App Suite can be your business's single source of truth for everything from spotting new sales opportunities to closing more deals, attracting excellent candidates, improving employee experience, and delivering customer satisfaction. Gridlex’s App Suite helps improve any business by streamlining customer operations through employee collaborations, helping to better define the requirements of customers, and ensuring high velocity execution. Gridlex offers a cloud-based integrated CRM solution for marketing, customer relationship management, and service quality, with a powerful HR and payroll system.The good CRM programs are those that integrate with other software systems such as HRMS, Help Desk, and Accounting, henceforth the best is brought to you by Gridlex App Suite.

Employees receive commissions for their sales or performance. Sales commissions are the primary form of sales compensation, and are part of the direct costs that occur when the product is sold, while the salaries that sales reps earn are in the indirect costs of SG&A. Such expenses can be categorized as part of the cost of goods sold in the accounting software in one sense or it can also be allocated to the cost of employee salary.

Top-performing employees should be rewarded in order to increase their productivity. The most important step in this process is identifying top achievers, and you may find it difficult to determine who is most deserving. How do you do that?