Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between Helpdesk & CRM

The integration between CRM and Help Desk flawlessly manages the customer conversation flow, and it is cost-effective. With this integration, what customers require and what you provide are quite obvious, and you can leverage this integration to add more value. The most crucial part of integration is having all the customer data under a single database. For instance, as soon as you add a new contact into your CRM, it will automatically be added to your Help Desk campaign. This allows sales managers to stay in touch with their customers, collaborate with support teams to manage requests, close tickets, and provide value to the customer experience.

CRM and Help Desk should collaborate in a variety of ways.  Both teams will interact and work with customers more than anybody else at your business. They get significant insights that can help each other since they have a deep relationship with your customer base.

Customer support can help in identifying crucial stages in the customer's lifecycle where an upsell or cross-sell can be done. But how do they know about the order or updated pricing details?

For many of customers, the customer support team is their initial point of contact with the company. Customers submit tickets and have lengthy conversations with customer support; these interactions can provide sales persons with a lot of background when on the phone with customers. Is there a way for sales rep to gain access to all customers' ticket conversations?