Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between HRMS & Accounting + ERP

Integrated HR, accounting and ERP systems streamline many of the daily activities and information processing required to efficiently manage business operations. Gridlex’s integrated HRMS + Payroll and Accounting cloud-based platform makes it easier for your payroll and accounting departments to work from one single interface. It lets you transfer data between HRMS Payroll and your accounting system fast and easily, saving you time and avoiding the headaches that come with duplicate data entering. Gridlex's one integrated apps suite for managing customers, finances, and employees connects every facet of total business requirements, whether it's payroll, CRM, Accounting, ERP, inventory management, project management, time tracking, geotracking, and other built-in functionality that's easy to use and cost-effective.

Payroll data is automatically transferred to your books when your online accounting software and payroll are integrated.

Keeping track of employee expenses is critical for controlling your cash flow. Employees who travel for work on a regular basis will need to submit expense reports and follow travel policies in order to be reimbursed. It is important to reimburse your employees properly for whatever expenses they make as well as to manage your cash flow. But this is a tedious task for multiple departments as well as employees to streamline this process and often a time-consuming job.