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Time, Attendance and Leave Management

Gridlex’s cloud-based employee attendance system allows HR to track and record time, attendance, and leaves from anywhere, and make decisions in real-time. HR can advance employee engagement by managing end-to-end automation of tracking, capturing, and scheduling employee working hours. Gridlex helps organizations to incorporate the existing biometric infrastructure and integrate each process with payroll with easy clicks.

Payroll & Compensation

Gridlex’s completely automated payroll solution provides consolidated pay-slips with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances and deductions, simplifies tax filing, and streamlines workflow of any size of organizations. By incorporating the payroll with time, attendance, and leaves management, Gridlex makes payroll a hassle-free task to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


GeoTrack provides highly accurate work locations of the on-field workforce in the organization. This enhanced feature can track check-in and check-out from remote locations that will help organizations to monitor field agents, client locations and customer delivery.

HR Reporting & Analytics

Gridlex Reporting and Analytics brings every employee data under one umbrella and develops resourceful insights. Gridlex helps organizations to focus on strategy by setting the team on innovative ventures through adapting, evolving, and scaling up with in-depth data-driven business decisions.