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How do Gridlex Zip CRM & Customer Service Help Desk software Support your Business Operations?

Use Cases
  • Zip makes it simple for customers to reach out to professionals such as interior designers, plumbers, electricians, beauticians, masseuses, painters, and carpenters via multiple channels.
  • Add multiple tags to the complaints and inquiries to organize them by categories, such as book appointments, questions about the rate of the services, share invoices, added benefits and feedback.
  • To improve customer service, convert messages from email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp into support tickets that your agents can look into and address from within the service desk. Hold private internal conversations and client-facing discussions on the same ticket simultaneously.
  • considerable cost saving and better time management. 
  • Zip provides streamlined communication between departments to increase efficiency.
  • Help you track day-to-day communication with all customers.

How Gridlex Zip CRM software increases sales for your business in Agencies & Professional services?

Use Cases
  • Use Zip for in-depth analytics to stay on top. You can get smart insights, track your key performance indicators, and steer your business in the right direction using the dashboard.
  • Create tickets for all your sales leads to track progress, add regular notes for references, and use the private messages feature to discuss confidently.
  • Dashboard tracker keeps track of real-time data to help monitor the health and quality of their leads and spot the trends.
  • Zip makes your interaction with clients more personal. Create a set of personalized email templates for your client category and connect to them on time, based on the client's engagement patterns, financial and policy document analytics.
  • Maintain personalized customer experience.
  • Opportunity management to help sales individuals connect with the right prospects at the right time.
  • More efficient data tracking with excellent data analytic tools.

How Gridlex Sky Accounting software improves profits for Agencies & Professional Services?

Use Cases
  • AI Advisor helps you increase your profits and revenue with in-depth insights of different professional services provided by agencies.
  • Use a ready-made chart of account templates for your agency, which saves time.
  • Create and use readymade and customized invoice and bill templates for each category of professional services provided by your agency.
  • Add Bank Accounts/Credit Cards, import bank statements, and link transactions, making it easy for bank reconciliation.
  • Create invoices, add expense bills and related payment status, branch/service-wise tracking of revenue and expenses. 
  • Generate multiple reports, which helps understand financial performance from different services. 
  • A cloud-based platform on a hosted solution where you can manage multiple branches/centers along with multiple currencies.

How does Gridlex Ray HR software improve profits for Agencies & Professional services?

Use Cases
  • Create and maintain a complete employee database, monitor a list of activities for staff and track workloads and project roles.
  • Easily track staff’s performance, share continuous feedback, and generate performance reports with the help of a performance management system.
  • Ray allows employees to store and organize all of their documents in one secure location.
  • Manage onsite employees attendance and leave management.
  • Easy to manage the workforce allotments in the sites.
  • Track employee cost by site/ location wise.
  • Employee Portal - employee can download, update and view information from the portal.

How does Gridlex Sky Expense management software help manage expenses and costs for Agencies & Professional services?

Use Cases
  • Sky makes it easy for employees to split expenses by amount, days, or custom modules.
  • Set custom security roles per the organization's needs.
  • Automate expense reporting from start to finish, get approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Tag customer & category with the expense.
  • Make better decisions with real-time visibility of all of your time and expense data.
  • Design customized expense template.
  • Reduce expense spending. 

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