Gridlex Success Stories & Case Studies

Venito uses Gridlex App Suite to scaleup their Recruitment Process Outsourcing services

Venito provides recruitment solutions for organizations across the globe. With 10+ years of experience in recruitment process outsourcing solutions it services marquee companies like Snapdeal, GAP, Monsanto.

“One of the big challenges in scaling our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) operations is effective evaluation of incoming candidates to match appropriately to our end customer needs. Gridlex’s Ace Application, offered as part of thier App suite, includes in browser coding testing for various programming languages, soft skill assessments and other evaluation parameters. This dramatically increases the scale of evaluating incoming candidates without increasing headcount while also increasing quality and minimizing errors. This has been a game changer for us to help win new business and retain existing clients” said Satish Kumar, CEO of Venito

Gridlex’s Ace learning, training and assessment application includes the following feature to help scale Venito:

  • In browser coding testing and evaluation for specific programming languages such as Python
  • Multiple choice and other Q&A formats to help evaluate technical proficiency
  • Scoring and assessment of all candidates
  • Sharing of candidate test results to end clients

Gridlex Ace helpes Robestek improve the quality of leads and close positions faster

Robestek is a recruitment and staffing firm which helps startups and large product and IT services companies recruit entry and senior level engineers.

“We provide recruitment services to some of the largest IT companies in India. Internal HR and recruiters don’t want to be burdened with candidates who don’t meet their technical and cultural fit requirements. Given the exacting standards of our clients, it is very hard to assess a candidate's knowledge based on their resume. Gridlex’s Ace assessment and training platform has objective and standardized criteria to help us ensure that we provide only high quality leads to our customers. Our customer satisfaction has improved after we onboarded them. Gridlex Ace has been a critical differentiator for us while pitching for new business” said Ramakanth Lagishetty, CEO of Robestek

Gridlex’s Ace learning, training and assessment application includes the following feature to help differentiate Robestek:

  • Deployment of coding tests at scale for candidates to login and take the test
  • Evaluate accuracy of the code in run time
  • Ranking and scoring of all candidate performance
  • Ability for end clients and organizations to login and evaluate candidate performance