Gridlex Success Stories & Case Studies

Altathera Pharmaceuticals uses Gridlex’s Healthcare Dexur App Suite to integrate key technology tools in one platform

AltaThera Pharmaceuticals, a hospital specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing innovative drugs aimed at improving outcomes and reducing hospital costs, chose Dexur’s App Suite to help scale the operations of the company.  AltaThera recently received approval from the FDA for new indications of Sotalol IV, to help hospitals manage patients with Afib.

“We chose Dexur because it integrates the myriad of applications such as CRM, Sales Reporting, Medical Information Request (MIRF) and Sunshine Reporting into a single platform that our sales, commercial and other operations can utilize to scale”  said Jodi Devlin, AltaThera's CEO

Altathera’s use of Dexur Apps include:

  • CRM to track & monitor sales & medical science Liaison (MSL) activities and 
  • Reporting, Analytics & Dashboard: Integration of sales data from distributors for reporting and analytics at the hospital & IDN level
  • Forms & Process Automation to help capture key account information such as formulary status
  • Medical Information Request Form (MIRF) tracking and management 
  • Sunshine Act Reporting Management: Including capturing of key activities for reporting to relevant organizations
  • Claims Data analysis to understand the impact and volume of Afib hospitalizations 
  • Physician level & other contact data pre-populated into the CRM and other tools to minimize salesforce data entry

Dexur not only brings the core applications but also the implementation services to customize it to fit the precise needs of Altathera. Unlike, other technology platforms where the implementation services are disconnected underlying technology. This helps Altathera manage costs while scaling the operations of the operations effectively.

About Dexur: Dexur provides technology and data solutions to Life Sciences, Hospitals, and healthcare organizations. Dexur's Life Sciences App suite provides a comprehensive set of applications to help Biopharma, Medical Device, and Life Sciences companies scale effectively. 

Gridlex's Dexur App Suite is a key strategic partner to help scale Clearflow

“Dexur’s App Suite and implementation services is a key strategic partner to help scale ClearFlow. The breadth and depth of Dexur’s offering across data, sales analytics, and marketing automation has made Dexur a critical element in articulating ClearFlow’s value to healthcare providers” said Paul Molloy, CEO of ClearFlow.

ClearFlow’s first commercial solution, the PleuraFlow® ACT® System, improves outcomes for cardiac surgery patients by preventing the most harmful postoperative complications associated with retained blood syndrome (RBS). The System seamlessly integrates into clinical workflow.

“Dexur’s hospital-specific disease burden data combined with personalized microsites elevates our marketing automation to a new level. The program represents a breakthrough in enabling personalized communication at scale, unique in the medical device community” said Stephen Bumb, Vice President Global Marketing at ClearFlow.

ClearFlow’s use of Dexur App suite includes:

  • Disease Burden Data Applications: Hospital specific disease burden dashboard and quality outcomes that can be used to educate surgeons, hospitals, and providers on the impact of Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS). The application also key software-generated natural language key talking points at the hospital level to help guide appropriate and compliant conversations.
  • Personalized Microsites and Landing Pages: Each hospital and persona (e.g. Surgeon, Nurse...) have personalized microsites and landing pages with their RBS disease burden data pre-loaded with ClearFlow brand guidelines to help increase digital engagement
  • Email Marketing Automation: Natural language generated email construction based on marketing and brand guidance that integrates the data into the email subject line and the personalized landing pages
  • Sales, Reporting & Analytics: Integration of sales data into the dashboard with external claims data to understand market penetration trends, top surgeons and map visualizations.
  • Training and assessment application: Leverage Gridlex Ace, Dexur's training application, to create personalized rep and territory specific questions and assessment to improve knowledge of disease burden, healthcare economics

“Dexur empowers our representatives by delivering the most relevant data with key machine-generated talking points. This enables our reps to have meaningful conversations about RBS and its impact on cardiac surgery outcomes. We are better equipped to help our customers. Best of all, the solution is easy to navigate and is at the team’s fingertips when they are engaged with customers.” said Michael Elniski, Vice President Global Sales at ClearFlow.

Heron Therapeutics Leverages Gridlex’s Dexur App Suite to Increase Velocity in Commercial Operations

Heron Therapeutics, Inc., a commercial-stage biotechnology company utilizes Dexur’s App suite to increase velocity in commercial operations.

Heron’s use of Dexur’s App suite to increase speed and efficiency in operations include:

  • Utilized Dexur Forms & Process automation app to move from a manual excel driven collection of bottoms up sales forecasts, surveys and account profiles to an automated approach to reduce errors, increase speed and faster reporting
  • Sales and market analytics dashboard to show insights on trends at the account, region and territory level. The sales analytics are further integrated with Bottoms Up sales forecast from other Dexur’s App suite to show actual vs forecast trends and other insights.
  • Claims analytics & disease burden apps focusing on hospital specific quality outcomes such as Length of Stay (LOS) helps in better targeting and understanding the opportunity of specific therapies.

“The breadth of Dexur’s App Suite plus the quick customization, implementation and support services have been critical in increasing the velocity of Heron’s commercial operations and supporting our front line reps and commercial operations teams.” said Kourosh Mobini, Sr. Director, Commercial Operations at Heron Therapeutics.