Sales Reps Must Know Every Customer’s Ticket Conversations

Sales Reps Must Know Every Customer’s Ticket Conversations

For many of customers, the customer support team is their initial point of contact with the company. Customers submit tickets and have lengthy conversations with customer support; these interactions can provide sales persons with a lot of background when on the phone with customers. Is there a way for sales rep to gain access to all customers' ticket conversations?

There is only one secret to  keep your customers happy: Sales reps should invest themselves in customer relationships. Sales reps should initiate the relationship and maintain it throughout the customer's stay with your business to create another touchpoint between the customer and your brand without expecting anything in return. Sales reps should create a ground for customers to have an emotional attachment to your brand which will turn them twice as likely to be loyal as those who were happy with the product and service they bought.


Benefits of this Use Case


When you integrate CRM with Help Desk, key data is transmitted in real time between sales and support. Ticket conversations from the helpdesk are imported into the CRM and displayed in the profile of the respective contact. The support team can notice that a specific contact is part of a high priority deal in the helpdesk. When it comes to prioritising tickets, sales reps can use this information to pitch in with an accurate sales strategy.

Other Benefits are:


  1. Better sales scenario.

  2. Sales become more committed and natural.

  3. Understanding customers beyond sales interactions

  4. All information is clear, well-organized, and in one place.

  5. Gives the sales team a 360-degree picture of their sales and customers.


Applications and Systems that need to be integrated


Having your Help Desk and CRM systems in sync makes it simple to link customer data across the teams and use it. 


How Gridlex’s Integrated App Suite Helps 


Gridlex's one integrated app suite enables sales reps and support staff in maintaining a relationship with customers in order to better align and interact with their sales opportunities, as well as to just be a charismatic person that your customers like hearing from and engaging with everywhere including social media. These consumers will share your content across businesses, and be kind when dealing with product issues or price fluctuations, and promote you to their close circles and colleagues. Gridlex serves as a one-stop shop for all of the apps/platforms you need to run your business.