Ultra Customizable
All-In-One App Builder

Ultra Customizable
All-In-One App Builder

Build an app specifically tailored to your organization's unique requirements
Custom Apps

Build bespoke applications using a modular architecture that supports scalability and adaptability to specific business processes.

Using the Gridlex Ultra Customizable All-In-One App Builder, businesses can create custom applications specifically tailored to their operational needs. The modular architecture of the Gridlex App Builder allows users to select and assemble various components and services to construct comprehensive applications. Each application can be configured to include a set of primary app links, which provide the main functionalities, as well as additional subordinate app links that offer supportive features. This hierarchical and modular setup ensures that the applications are scalable and adaptable to specific business processes.

Custom Models

Develop database-like structures that can interlink with other models and fields for enhanced data management.

Gridlex Ultra Customizable App Builder offers the ability to construct advanced, database-like structures that interlink seamlessly for sophisticated data handling. These custom models act as containers for your business information, which can be as complex or as simple as your processes require. Users can define various attributes and relationships for each model, allowing for intricate connections between different sets of data within the organization. This interconnected structure facilitates complex data queries and analyses, essential for generating insights and supporting decision-making processes.

Custom Forms & Fields

Craft tailored forms and fields for streamlined data collection and efficient workflows.

With Gridlex Ultra Customizable All-In-One App Builder, create precise and tailored data collection tools for your business. Our platform empowers users to design and implement custom forms and fields specifically suited to unique business requirements. Utilize an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build complex forms that feature conditional logic for accurate and efficient data collection. Enhance these forms with a variety of custom field types—including text, number, date, checkbox, and dropdown lists—to ensure precise data capture and improve workflow efficiency across any organizational structure. These tools are vital for streamlining interactions, facilitating smooth data entry, and adapting to the operational needs of your organization.

Custom Page Layouts & Views

Design Page Layouts & Views That Fit Your Business Needs Perfectly

With the Gridlex Ultra Customizable All-In-One App Builder, organizations can customize page layouts and views to enhance the visibility and management of their tasks and projects. Users can choose from a variety of views such as Powerful Listing, Kanban, Card, Calendar, and more, each adaptable to suit different operational needs. This customization capability allows businesses to optimize how information is presented and interacted with, making it easier to manage large volumes of data and streamline operations.

Custom UI & UX

Create a user experience that is intuitive and bespoke to your organizational workflow.

With Gridlex Ultra Customizable App Builder, creating a user experience tailored to specific organizational workflows is streamlined and efficient. The customization tools allow users to select and modify layouts and functionalities that best fit the operational flow and brand identity of their organization. This includes adjusting the interface for different platforms, such as mobile and desktop, to ensure optimal usability and engagement. Users can also design and apply unique UI/UX configurations to specific units or user roles within the organization, making the application highly personalized and directly responsive to the varying needs of different departments or teams.

Custom Permissions

Define the scope of what your team can see and do with Gridlex's detailed custom permissions.

Gridlex Ultra Customizable All In One App Builder allows organizations to define detailed custom permissions, ensuring granular control over who can access and manipulate data within the system. This feature extends from the enterprise level down to individual fields within a form or database. Administrators can set permissions that specify which roles have the authority to create, view, edit, or delete particular data elements. This capability is critical for maintaining strict data security, complying with regulatory requirements, and ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Custom Reports & Analytics

Generate comprehensive reports that are specifically aligned with your business metrics and analytical needs.

With Gridlex Ultra Customizable All In One App Builder, users can design and generate custom reports that align perfectly with their business metrics and performance indicators. Gridlex offers customizable tools to select, organize, and analyze data drawn from various sources across the system, enabling the creation of detailed, actionable reports. These reports can be configured to provide regular insights into business performance, helping stakeholders make informed decisions based on reliable data analysis.

Single Sign on (SSO) Integration

Simplify user access with a single authentication point across all applications.

Gridlex Ultra Customizable All In One App Builder supports Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials. This simplifies the user authentication process, enhances security by reducing password fatigue, and supports the implementation of advanced security measures like multi-factor authentication. SSO integration is particularly valuable in environments where users need to interact with multiple systems, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Custom Integration

Seamlessly integrate with other systems and applications to create a unified operational ecosystem.

Gridlex App Builder facilitates the integration of external systems and applications through API-based custom integration. This feature allows organizations to connect and synchronize their existing software systems with Gridlex, creating a unified operational ecosystem.

Data Migration Importing & Loading

Efficiently transfer and organize existing data into the Gridlex system for immediate usability.

Data migration importing and loading are critical components of the Gridlex setup process. The platform provides advanced tools and expert support to help organizations efficiently transfer their existing data into the Gridlex system. This process is designed to ensure data integrity, minimize downtime, and quickly adapt data to the new environment's structures and workflows. Effective data migration sets the foundation for immediate usability of the system, allowing organizations to leverage their new IT infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Ultra Customization Support

Access dedicated support for tailoring the platform to meet your specific business needs.

Gridlex platform provides dedicated support to assist organizations in customizing and optimizing their system setup. From the initial design phase through ongoing modifications, the Gridlex customer success team offers expert advice and support, ensuring that the platform continues to meet the evolving needs of the business. This support includes help with configuring new features, fine-tuning existing setups, and troubleshooting issues, thereby maximizing the value of the platform for the organization.

Why Choose Gridlex over other alternatives?

Gridlex's 'Ultra Customizable All-In-One App Builder' offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking tailored operational efficiency. With standard apps including CRM, Customer Service, Help Desk Ticketing, and Master Data Management, Gridlex enables extensive customization across fields, forms, UX, reports, and integrations to meet the unique needs of any organization. The platform stands out for its ability to consolidate various business functions into a single, cost-effective package, supported by a highly responsive customer success team that ensures seamless implementation and operation. This makes Gridlex an ideal choice for companies looking to streamline their processes and enhance service delivery through a customizable and integrated software environment.