Sales Reps Should be Able to Track of Orders Made in CRM and Processed in ERP

Sales Reps Should be Able to Track of Orders Made in CRM and Processed in ERP

What tool gives your sales agents and customer service representatives visibility into order progress that allows them to notify customers of any changes in a timely manner? Sales reps who are not updated about the market price fluctuations may pave a way to incorrect prices or promising quick delivery of out-of-stock products that will mislead customers. 



The benefits of this Use Case


The ERP system keeps track of all products and their prices. Your sales reps require this information in CRM in order to develop thorough opportunities and deliver accurate pricing to customers. Manually updating product lists and price books without integration might be a pain for your employees, especially if you deliver an impressive amount of products or have frequent market price fluctuation as you do not control it. It's critical to integrate the two systems because a CRM handles customer interactions on the front end and an ERP handles business procedures on the back end so that once an order is placed, you get an accurate view of the customer's information, including purchase history, shipping and invoicing information, and other financial informations without leaving the interface. Other benefits include: 


1. Both systems share automated and consistent information

2.  A single source of truth

3. Gain complete customer views

4. Quicker sales approvals

5.  Immediate response to prospect quiery without delay 


Applications and Systems that Need to be Integrated


Integration of CRM+ERP covers the track of products and the prices, as well as detailed information to the sales reps about it. This integration is useful since it ensures that any changes to your product list or prices in ERP are automatically shown in the CRM as well.


How Gridlex’s Integrated App Suite Helps


Gridlex App Suite helps sales reps to have access to more current information that is relevant to their tasks which helps them reach targets faster allowing them to focus on other more important issues such as bigger strategies. Gridlex App Suite also helps increase the visibility of data that will be used by several departments at one time. Connecting your sales and accounting operations is one of the most valuable integrations a company can make. However, because the underlying architectures are different, the underlying applications do not easily interact. Gridlex has created an integrated software suite that allows businesses to pay once for all important apps such as CRM, Accounting, and HRMS and get an out-of-the-box integration experience.