How Integration Helps to Set Effective Sales Incentives?

How Integration Helps to Set Effective Sales Incentives?

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Top-performing employees should be rewarded in order to increase their productivity. The most important step in this process is identifying top achievers, and you may find it difficult to determine who is most deserving. Integration between CRM and HRMS provides useful data to track top-performing employees, and the data of the employee activities can be utilised to forecast future performance as well. Employees can keep track of their own performance using the data from CRM modules, which serves as a motivating factor. With this integration, you'll be able to compare each employee's performance and engage in intra-organizational promotions and sales. Employee discounts and coupons can be managed more efficiently without much hassle.




The Benefits of this Use Case

Every business demands "worker bees" who arrive on time, follow instructions properly, complete tasks correctly, and keep the good work going. You must find and cultivate those people who have that extra something to help your business flourish. It is true that unthought compensation schemes have drawbacks in their executions. For instance, concentrating on the performance of a few who consistently go above the required sales targets will stall your business from growing. In order to overcome this challenge, an effective system must be in place which has a proper source of data to track performance and achievement to keep high, low, and average performers informed and motivated throughout. To nurture creative thinking and leadership potential, every business needs to improve the best ways to compensate and encourage salespeople with data-driven incentivizing. CRM and HRMS integrations provide useful data for HR managers on employee performance for tracking top-performing employees, and the data can be used to forecast future performance as well. Employees can also track their own performance using data from CRM in order to plan for their better performance in sales. 

  1. Helps you manage perks accurately

  2. Better and useful data

  3. Increase in performance index

  4. Cultivates a proactive and motivated workforce

  5. Helps forecast the future performance of employees


Applications and Systems that need to be Integrated

CRM+ HRMS + Accounting needs to be integrated with this instance. Gridlex's cloud-based App Suite provides CRM and HR departments to manage performance indexes, viewpoints, compensation plans, and forecasts. With this integration, sales teams can access their own performance in the same platform at any time, and incentives can be automated and channelled to motivate the appropriate sales action.


How Gridlex’s Integrated App Suite Helps

Gridlex App Suite gives you extensive reports about sales and performance of employees, including which sales rep brings in the most sales, potential leads, and how much you reward them. An automated cloud-based platform will improve and simplify the management of your incentive programs, allowing you to streamline perks, incentives, and other rewards. Besides that, Gridlex App suite is an end-to-end software solution that allows you to manage your Sales, Accounting, Payroll operations, and HRMS from all in one interface.