What is a Shared Inbox & How Does it Help?

What is a Shared Inbox & How Does it Help?

What Is A Shared Inbox?

A shared inbox is a mailbox (e.g. Info@acme.com or sales@acme.com or hr@acme.com) that multiple people (e.g. John, James and Sally) can access using their own user ID and password instead of the mailbox’s user ID and password. This helps everybody get on the same page for communication while streamlining security (e.g. James can be removed from accessing the shared inbox).

Shared Inbox enables you to create, assign and manage tasks across all your communications like Emails, Calls, SMS Text, and Social Media messages in one place. Employees use shared inbox to connect with their team members within the organization. It allows users to create their own group to communicate with specific teams like Human Resources team (hr@acme.com), Sales Team (sales@acme.com), marketing team (marketing@acme.com) etc. This is one of the most common ways of communication in an office environment. A shared inbox also allows your team members to collaborate on emails without sending them back and forth and enable tag links, pictures, location maps, and shared calendars. This means you can avoid duplicate work, save time, and increase productivity for everyone involved.

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Why Use A Shared Inbox And How Will It Help Your Organization?
1. Integrate all your various Communication Channels (e.g., Emails, SMS, and Calls) into one single Inbox
What challenges do businesses encounter when it comes to handling several communication channels?

There will be inquiries and requests from customers in different channels such as Email, SMS, Calls, Whatsapp, Websites, and Social Media. All these requests go to respective channel inboxes and the agent have to communicate from each channel. This creates a big challenge for businesses as it is difficult to respond to all the inquiries and demands on time. For example, if someone has sent a question via email, we need to send them a reply through email. But if someone sends a request via Whatsapp, we need to reply only through Whatsapp. If you want to follow up with this customer, you will have to check all their messages at once, which might take some time, depending on how many messages they have sent you. To address this influx of communication, businesses need to set up a system to collect all of the information from each channel, prioritize it, and then route it to the appropriate people for a response.

What is the solution to this issue?

The simplest way to manage different communication channels is to use a shared inbox. This is a single platform where all the inquiries and requests are sent and answered, regardless of the channel they were sent through. A shared inbox should allow you to link all of your communication channels, such as Email, Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and other Social Media channels, to a single platform where all of your messages are sorted into a single view. This helps you communicate more effectively and see who is waiting for a response and allowing you to spend less time moving between applications and more time communicating with your clients.

How Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox does it?

We know that keeping track of all your team's communication can be a hassle. You probably have Email, Call, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS Text Messages, and sometimes they all need to come together. That's why we created Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox. Zip Shared Inbox is a streamlined tool that lets you see everything that matters in one place, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about missing something important. You'll be able to respond to clients or coworkers quickly and obtain real-time information about what has been handled, what needs assistance, and how everyone is moving on with their duties. As a result, resolution times are shorter, customer satisfaction is higher, and customer loyalty is higher. This saves you time by eliminating the need to check numerous locations for new messages and providing you with a complete and up-to-date record of all your interactions by channel.

2. Get The Full Customer Context Through Deep Integration With The CRM
Why are customer context/details important?

Customer context is an essential part of the customer experience. It enables you to provide a truly personalized experience. It can help you better understand your customer and their needs. You can use this information to create more relevant, personalized experiences for customers to make them love your business even more. And it's something that you can't get by simply having access to a customer's email address or phone number. It's also important because it will allow you to give them the best possible experience when the customer interacts with your company. It will enable you to understand everything from what they've bought in the past, how much they spend, etc. That means when someone comes into contact with your company, whether through phone calls or email, you'll be able to provide them with relevant information and their needs.

Why is it crucial to integrate CRM with your Shared Inbox?

1. It will enable you to automate your sales processes. You can use it to send emails, make calls, send reminders, and do many more tasks related to sales process automation.

2. It will allow you to easily create reports about your customers' behavior and activities to identify their needs and preferences easily. This will help you improve customer satisfaction levels by providing products or services according to their reṣquirements.

3. It will help you manage email marketing campaigns efficiently as well as track their performance through detailed analytics report generation capabilities.

By integrating CRM with your Shared inbox, you can now access all of the details about your customers that matter most, their history with your company, their preferences and interests, and their interactions with other team members right in your inbox. For example, when you receive an email from a customer in your shared inbox, you'll see all of their previous emails and calls on your CRM account, which will help you understand what they want and how to best provide it to them.

How Gridlex Zip helps you overcome the issue?

Let's say you're using Gridlex Zip, and you have a customer who is interested in a product. You can see this customer's history of interactions with your company, including their previous purchases and any issues they've had. You'll be able to quickly access all the information you need to make the sale or provide the service they're requesting. Gridlex Zip combines CRM with Shared Inbox to offer you a 360-degree view of your customer. All of your sales team's communications are accessible in one location, and it's simple to retrieve a lead's information from email, calendar, tasks, or contacts with just one click. Lead communication and tracking are more efficient as they progress through your sales funnel. You'll also have greater data-driven insight into which leads you should pay more attention to, when you should contact each contact for best results, and which leads require additional nurturing before they're ready to buy.

3. Standardize Communication With Message Templates
What is a Message Template?

A message template is a set of defined and standardized communication phrases that can be used by anyone in your company to quickly and easily communicate with customers and clients. Why should you use a message template? Because it will help streamline your communications process and make sure that everyone who needs to communicate with customers has all the information they need to do so quickly and easily. For example, if you work in customer service and often need to send out emails to customers with questions about their accounts, you can create a template with all the information they might need, including the best times to contact them. When you have a new customer with questions, you can copy and paste your template into an email and change the relevant details.

How does a Message Template help to Standardize Communication?

Using a message template lets you ensure that every employee knows how to respond to common customer questions and complaints so they aren't left guessing what they should say when someone reaches out. A message template helps standardize communication because it provides a solid framework for communicating with your team members. For example, if you're sending an email about meeting times on Friday, you can use the same template every week without worrying about the wording or tone. By using the same language each time, your employees will easily understand what you're asking them to do and how they should respond. This will make their lives more accessible since they won't have to spend time figuring out what's going on in each email you send them.

How does Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox Standardize Communication with Message Templates?

Gridlex Zip is a great way to standardize your company's communication. Whether you're sending out an email newsletter or a marketing announcement, our template builder makes it easy to build professional emails with just a few clicks. There's no limit to the number of message templates you can create. There's no need to make several versions of the same email because you may send the same email to different mailing lists with other personalized welcomes. Gridlex Zip has several message templates to help you capture your brand's identity. They're also responsive, so they'll look amazing on any device. Add your brand's logo, adjust the color scheme, and add connections to your social network profiles to personalize your message templates. You can also change the template's body content to suit your needs.

4. Reduce Routine Work With Automation
What is Automation?

Automation is a way to reduce routine work with the help of software. It’s a great way to save time and increase productivity, especially when you have an inbox that gets flooded with emails every day. Automation is a set of rules that allow you to automate repetitive tasks. You create a rule that automatically takes care of tasks in your shared inbox, so you don't have to. Pre-filling responses and sending messages on your behalf free up your time for other tasks.

How does automation help to reduce routine work tasks?

You create a rule that automatically takes care of tasks in your shared inbox, so you don't have to. For example, get an email from someone asking for feedback on their project. You could set up an automation rule that automatically forwards the email to everyone on your team who has expressed interest in giving feedback. No matter who receives the email, it will be sent to everyone who wants it. Automated rules can help you save time and energy when dealing with repetitive tasks. Automation is the key if you're looking for ways to streamline your work process and make things easier for yourself.

How does Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox help Reduce Routine work with Automation?

Automation is one of the most powerful features of Gridlex Zip. It allows you to automatically assign emails based on organization labels, recipients, or senders, creates tickets based on customer emails, create rules to add tags, and automatically apply filters based on the subject. You can also set rules to forward messages from your shared inbox to other team members. For example, if you want all messages received from support@acme.com to be assigned a priority label of "high" label, you can use our automated filter feature to create this rule. When an email comes into your shared inbox with that address in the field, a high-priority label will automatically be applied to it. Shared inbox members can easily see that they need to take action.

5. Monitor Team Productivity And Performance
How do companies monitor team productivity and performance?

Monitoring team productivity and performance is essential for keeping your company running smoothly. This is usually done through a system of points that can be earned by completing tasks. The points are used to calculate how well the team is doing and what areas need improvement. Companies use manual time tracking, surveys, and management reporting as a method companies use to monitor team productivity and performance.

How does Shared Inbox make a difference?

A shared inbox is an excellent tool for monitoring team productivity and performance because it allows you to keep track of everyone's tasks, which helps you see the big picture of what the team is working on. You can see what your team is working on at any given time and the tasks that are being completed. You can also see which tasks are being done quickly and well and which ones need more attention. This helps you plan for the future by knowing what projects are going well and what projects might need more resources or attention. For example, suppose you have a client who needs something by the end of the week, and one of your team members is taking longer than expected. In that case, you can quickly check their progress in the shared inbox and see if anything needs to be done differently or if they need extra resources. With this visibility into your team's workloads, it becomes easier to spot patterns in how much work each person takes versus how much time they're finishing that work. This can help you manage workflow more accurately so that everyone gets the right amount of attention from management when they need it most.

How does Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox help?

Monitoring team productivity and performance is critical for any business, as it helps to identify how well your employees are working together. With Gridlex Zip's Shared Inbox, you can easily track the progress of your team members by viewing their work in one centralized location. You'll see what they've been working on, when they started, and when they completed each task. This helps you understand precisely who is working on what, which can help you plan your workforce more effectively. If one of your employees seems stuck on something for too long or if another employee doesn't seem like they're making progress on their assigned tasks, this is an easy way for managers to spot these kinds of issues before they become big problems. You can also use this tool to see how long tasks take to complete. This can help you determine whether or not certain employees should be given more responsibilities or if something needs to change to get their jobs done faster than others.

6. Service Level Agreements Can Help You Establish A Good Customer Relationship.
What are Service Level Agreements?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are critical for building a strong customer relationship. They're essentially agreements between a customer and a business that lay out what the company will provide to the customer and when. For example, an SLA might state that your business promises to have your product shipped within one week of an order being placed. Or it might say that you'll respond to customer service tickets within 24 hours. An SLA aims to make sure both parties are on the same page about what's expected from them and when. It also makes it easier for customers to know what kind of service they can expect from your company, which helps them trust you more and buy more from you.

In Shared Inbox, how important is SLA for establishing a strong customer relationship?

An SLA aims to make sure both parties are on the same page about what's expected from them and when. SLAs help protects you from losing customers by allowing them to hold you accountable for delivering on your promises. By having an SLA in place, you show potential clients that you're serious about delivering what you promise, which helps them trust you more than if you didn't have this kind. The Shared Inbox offers superior flexibility, team collaboration, and access to real-time analytics. Whether you want to strengthen relationships with your customers, improve operational services, or align your processes and systems with business objectives. You can see how well your team responds to customers' requests with real-time analytics. The reports are fully customizable to be tailored specifically to the needs of each department or team member within your organization.

How does gridlex use SLA to build a strong customer relationship?

The Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox is a platform that allows users to connect to their email accounts and work on documents with multiple people in real-time. Zip Shared Inbox will enable you to share files, messages, and tasks within your company, reducing the amount of back-and-forth communication between colleagues. It also provides analytics to see how many emails were sent and received in a day, week, or month. This gives you greater insight into how your business is interacting internally. With Zip Shared Inbox, your agents can collaborate on the same email, thus reducing response time. It's easy to divert those incoming emails and form submissions straight into the shared inbox for the whole team to monitor. Organize your workflow with labels, assign emails to team members, set responsibility deadlines, and automate manual processes with triggers.

Example Use Case for Various Industries:

Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox is the perfect way to stay on top of communication with your clients. You can utilize it to increase team efficiency and collaboration in any industry. Here are a few instances of how it can help you be more productive.

Let's see how does a shared inbox useful in different industries.

Law Firm and Legal Service
How It May Be Happening?

Attorney sends an email to the client about court appointment dates from the office months before the court dates.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

Clients might not be able to keep up with the brief appearance dates. They might not even check their mail on time. Attorneys may be preoccupied with other cases at this time; clients have failed to appear in court.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

Attorneys and paralegals typically use Gridlex Zip Helpdesk to send clients personalized reminders and court dates. Appointment scheduling and email notification are fully automated - no more missed deadlines for court cases and essential documents as reminders are sent to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. With Gridlex Zip, you can create customized case alerts and reminders for your clients. They can receive notifications on their mobile devices, which are hard to miss. You get supplied with time management tools for your legal business by keeping records of all tasks, meetings, and court appearances. Keep track of all pending cases per user, and send personalized reminders and court appointment dates to clients.

Real Estate Agents
How It May Be Happening?

Prospectives may email a specific shared email address (e.g., contact@realestate.com) to ask for the property which is open to sale and that email is sent to a single person's email box for that person to respond to.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

If a prospective buyer sends an email to a single person's mailbox, that person may not respond because that person is out of the office or unavailable. Furthermore, that person's response time to that query could be longer than a week, affecting customer response times.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

A prospective buyer who calls your office may be interested in purchasing one or all of your listed properties. You need to respond quickly to queries and deliver information fast. The Zip helpdesk helps you with the entire process. With Gridlex Zip, the email is sent to a commonly shared inbox where multiple people can monitor the same Inbox. These emails are converted to Tickets to monitor Service Level times to maintain response rates and customer satisfaction and enrollments increase.

Hotel and Hospitality
How It May Be Happening?

Whether room services, food, beverages, or laundry services, guests need to call the front desk for each assistance.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

Most of the time, customers are not comfortable making calls many times to the front desk for different services they need. There will be language barriers, privacy issues, and health issues guests do not get comfortable making a call.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

Gridlex Zip Helpdesk helps your hotel or hospitality property receive and manage room service requests from guests. Autoresponders and recurring tickets help you deliver the exceptional, on-demand experience that guests expect in today's competitive environment. Gridlex Zip makes it simple to get the services you need at your fingertips. Guests can request room service, laundry, or food through SMS, Whatsapp, and email. Each request is sent to a commonly shared mailbox where multiple people can monitor the same inbox. These requests are converted to tickets to monitor service level times to maintain response rates and customer satisfaction.

Accounting & Tax Firms
How It May Be Happening?

The tax professional must search for the client's email regarding their requirements at all times. It's even more challenging to coordinate with another tax professional in the same email thread when the need is related to multiple departments.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

Accounting and tax firms sometimes get many emails from clients; categorizing them according to their requirements is challenging. Firms need a tool that helps them organize these incoming emails for future reference, quickly respond to their clients with the correct information, and share critical emails with their staff members on an as-needed basis.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox is designed for tax and accounting firms to manage clients, workflow, documents, and tax returns all in one place. It automates ticket creation and assigns tickets to appropriate tax experts to improve the service level. Assigning experts based on the situation support team will allow you to devote more time to your clients. Gridlex Zip allows you to receive your clients' emails in a single mailbox. These emails have been converted into tickets, allowing you to categorize them based on their requirements, tax concerns, and other factors. You can assign these emails to different professionals based on their needs, customize your reply message to address their concerns, and send them a conditional response. This tool saves you time and money while also assisting you in better organizing your sales and customer service teams.

Insurance Agencies
How It May Be Happening?

Customers write an email regarding a complaint about the transaction errors. If the staff dealing with the complaints may not be available at the office, they respond to the mail late, which does not lead to customer satisfaction.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

Customers write an email regarding a complaint about the services, and it will go to the company mailbox and many other emails. Sometimes, the team supposed to solve the issue may not have much information about the transaction. Most of the time, they fail to respond or resolve the complaints on time.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

The Gridlex Zip Shared Inbox for insurance agencies app is here to help you solve your business. Use it for everything from handling customer complaints about transaction errors to managing your internal workflow process and tracking employee performance. With Gridlex Zip, the email is sent to a commonly shared mailbox integrated with departments where multiple people can monitor the same inbox. These emails are converted to tickets to track and resolve service level times, ensuring that response times and customer satisfaction remain high.

IT, Software & SAAS
How It May Be Happening?

The compliance department in the IT, Software, and SAAS company identifies risks that the organization faces and advice on addressing compliance like GDPR or CCPA. The compliance department notifies the product managers and other relevant staff via emails.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

The compliance department needs to send multiple emails to multiple departments and staff to track and address the non-compliance. Without proper tracking and reporting, there are chances for numerous errors leading to Enforcement Actions.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

With Gridlex Zip, the compliance department can send emails from a shared mailbox that multiple departments can monitor. These emails are converted to Tickets to monitor and track compliance and other regulations. Further, integrating compliance and regulatory requirements with the knowledge base provides easy access for the staff. With Gridlex Zip, the compliance department can send emails from a shared mailbox that multiple departments can monitor. These emails are converted to Tickets to monitor and track compliance and other regulations. Further, integrating compliance and regulatory requirements with the knowledge base provides easy access for the staff.

Mortgage & Loans Services
How It May Be Happening?

There will be inquiries and requests from customers in different channels such as email, SMS, Whatsapp, websites and social media. All these requests go to different inboxes and answer from each channel.

What Are The Issues And Challenges In The Current Process?

Coordinating individual team members based on the job function in one place is challenging and time-consuming. Mortgages have different departments, such as repayments, Different types of mortgages, and integrating all the departments and answering the queries with customer conversation history in one place is difficult.

How Does Gridlex Zip Help Improve This Process?

Do you have a customer who is looking for help with their mortgage? Set up Zip to communicate with customers from different channels in one place. It's an enterprise-level software specially designed for mortgage companies, with a high volume of customer support calls and digital communication. Whether a customer has a question about the application process, payments, or foreclosure, provide the appropriate help quickly. Gridlex Zip makes it simple to coordinate individual team members based on job functions in one place. All inquiries and requests from various channels are combined and sent to a single shared mailbox, allowing multiple people to monitor the same inbox. These inquiries are then converted to tickets, which are then used to track service level times to maintain response rates and boost customer satisfaction.

Check more Industry wise use cases here:

How to efficiently manage your Shared Inbox?

Organizing a Shared Inbox arises when you manage multiple channels (like Email, SMS Text, Calls, Social Media etc.) where you receive customer requests and queries. Multiple channels lead to multiple shared inboxes, contributing to a chaotic workflow.

If not appropriately managed, your support team may miss essential issues or fail to respond on time. It is crucial to have a standardized process to ensure that your team doesn't miss any updates or new emails.

There are best practices to follow for successful email management when sending emails from a shared inbox. Good communication is the basis of all work done in a shared inbox. Click here to read more on best ways to improve your Shared Inbox.