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Call subcontractors, customers, and vendors to coordinate site construction and project details. Each individual project coordinator uses their own phone to make calls, and therefore, lots of missed calls and confusion. Gridlex Zip offers a centralized shared calling inbox where all calls can be done through the web and or mobile app.
Omnichannel (Call, SMS Text, Email, and More) Shared Inbox
Keep track of each project's details separately Construction companies may have different projects running simultaneously. Keeping track of each project and client's requirements is challenging. Gridlex Zip helps construction companies organize and record their contacts and projects. All verbal and email communications with the customer and details, including calls,tasks, and job orders, can be documented in Gridlex Zip.
CRM Contacts & Organization Management
A client emails asking for clarification on a plumbing, electrical or construction issue in the estimate. The office staff checks the previous emails to see the conversation history with the customer, sends the estimate to the engineers, and gives the reply to the client. With Gridlex Zip, it is easy to clarify all the client inquiries faster by checking the ticket where you can see the previous conversations, notes or attachments included, and all the customer & project-related info.
Customer Service Help Desk Ticket Management
Inform customers about upcoming home maintenance price offer It is time-consuming for the sales reps to dial all the customers/leads individually and tell them about the home maintenance price offer. Gridlex Auto Power Dialer makes this process easy. Upload your contact lists, and Gridlex auto power dialer will automatically dial the numbers for you. Gridlex auto power dialer help agents close more sales, help managers track real-time performance metrics, and ensure customers get called at the perfect time.
Auto Power Dialer
The project lead wants to know the daily work status of all the work sites. The project lead must call all subcontractors at various sites to ask for the daily work status report. Using Gridlex Zip SMS text broadcast and management, the project lead can send out an SMS text message through Zip to all the subcontractors asking for the daily work status report.
SMS Text Broadcast and Management
Set rules for handling customer inquiries and prioritize the customer. To give a fast reply and prioritize the customer, all inquiries need to be differentiated like, home renovation, new room construction etc., which is time-consuming process. With Gridlex Zip, construction companies can make a chatbot to answer these inquiries faster, which helps them to prioritize the leads. Sales reps can do this by setting up rules. They can base the match on the sales region, industry, product, or other criteria.
Operations Automation
When a potential client looking for your services, fills out a form on the company website The company does not have many metrics to track the customer; therefore, the company loses the potential client. With Gridlex Zip, you can track whoever fills the form and automatically send them an acknowledgment email asking for more details about the client and their requirements.
Marketing Automation
The company makes a new workflow in that a supervisor must approve all raw materials orders before they can be placed. Many existing systems cannot make the new field when required; therefore, they fail able to accommodate the new workflow requirement. If your company adds a new workflow that requires a supervisor to approve all orders of raw materials before they can be placed, then Gridlex Zip can accommodate that requirement. You can add other customizations to help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently.
construction company wants to more focus on residential work Salespeople of the construction companies analyze different kinds of data on residential work and set a goal to only focus on residential work, which is time-consuming. With Gridlex Zip CRM, you can create custom goals and forecast scenarios on residential work to monitor revenue, quantity, and other custom fields by individual reps, which can be scaled up. You can also set goals & forecasts can be set daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly based on opportunities, units, organizations, and contacts.
Forecast and Goals
Manage customer inquiries and turn them into sales opportunities. Construction companies get lots of product-related questions on the customer service help desk channel. Most of these inquiries could be an opportunity to sell additional services. Using an integrated CRM and customer service solution is one of the best ways of turning every customer contact into an opportunity. Gridlex Zip is an integrated CRM and Helpdesk software that gives users a 360 view of the customer's profile. It includes lead management, contact management, automating several key workflows, sales, marketing, customer support, and account management tasks. It will allow users to understand their customer's needs better.
CRM Pipeline Management
Only relevant people should be able to access the right data Because of the nature of their work, construction companies often have to rely on third-party vendors and contractors to get the job done. This can make it difficult to manage all the people involved in a project, especially when you have multiple projects going on simultaneously. Gridlex Zip CRM security helps you manage your data effectively to track each project's progress and know who is working on what. Zip also allows you to create Security Roles to manage the information visible to each role and set the actions each role can perform. You can also add multiple roles with a single profile, like agent or admin, and ensure they have the appropriate permissions to perform actions related to customer service.

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