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How Gridlex Zip CRM & Customer Service Help Desk software Support your Business Operations?

Use Case
  • Use the software to reach out to students and staff right away by updating the announcements section and sending out email and SMS notifications.
  • Deploy dedicated teams to enhance enrolment experience for students and even create knowledge base silos.
  • The Helpdesk serves as a single point of contact for all service requests. All requests are collected in one location, making it simple for the institute to keep track of them.
  • Manage, categorize and follow-up with student/staff queries promoting collaboration across departments.
  • Teams can collaborate effortlessly with different departments.
  • Sell online courses right within helpdesk.
  • Save time and work more efficiently.

How Gridlex Zip CRM software increases sales for your business in education?

Use Cases
  • Track leads through the marketing Admission campaigns.
  • Prioritize potential admission leads to classify which leads are the most promising and send the information to sales team.
  • Run data-driven, progressive campaigns for admissions and optimize your marketing campaigns in real-time.
  • Dashboard tracker keeps track of real-time data to help monitor the health and quality of their leads and spot the trends.
  • Schedule Follow ups and reminders via SMS and email.
  • Transparent customer view.
  • pre-plan your daily activities with activity tracker.
  • Get efficient lead management and Increase productivity.

How does Gridlex Ray HR software improve profits for business in Education?

Use Case
  • Manage remote employees attendance and leave management.
  • Easily track staff’s performance, share continuous feedback, and generate performance reports with the help of a performance management system.
  • HRMS allows employees to store and organize all of their documents in one secure location. They can use a centralized system to keep lecture notes, essential PDFs, question papers, student attendance records, and other vital documents.
  • Digitalize employee documents and salary processing for transparent communication.
  • Get in depth HR reports and analytics
  • Track employee cost by sitewise/ location wise.
  • Employee Portal - employee can download, update and view information from the portal
  • Easy to manage the workforce allotments in the sites.

How Gridlex Sky Accounting software improves profits for the business in Education?

Use Cases
  • Let AI Advisor help you increase your Profits and Revenue with in-depth insights into different Course wise and period comparisons.
  • Create invoices, receipts, add bills and track payments along with Student Course wise tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Use a ready-made Chart of Accounts & templates For Invoice and Bill templates for your Institution.
  • Add Bank Accounts, import bank statements and link transactions for easy reconciliation.
  • AI Advisor reports to improve the business performance.
  • Track revenue by Course wise, Student wise, Division and entity.
  • Ageing reports to getting a summary of Receivables From Students.

How does Gridlex Sky Expense management software help manage expenses and costs for business in education?

Use Case
  • Automate expense reporting from start to finish, get approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Split additional expenses between teams.
  • Limit your organisational expenses
  • Set security roles per user.
  • Tag customer & category with the expenses
  • Track each and every action in the activity log.
  • Design customized expense template
  • Limit your organisational expenses

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