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How do Gridlex Zip CRM & Customer Service Help desk software Support your Financial services?

Use Cases
  • You can tag emails by category, such as inquiries on loans, Mortgages, insurance policy, repayment, and assign emails to relevant teams to keep track of it.
  • You can use Zip to internally chat about payment fraud, transaction errors, and grievances in ticket threads and collaborate with members from different departments to solve them.
  • Role-based access control helps you manage sensitive financial data. To keep your customer information secure, set up role and profile permissions. You have complete control over who sees what data.
  • Connect with customers via WhatsApp texts, SMS and emails regarding loan processing status, policy details, the remainder of the tax payments, exclusive offers.
  • Zip can improve the quality of your company's products or services.
  • Assist you in keeping track of all customer communications on a daily basis.

How Gridlex Zip CRM software increases sales for your business in Financial Services?

Use Cases
  • Zip makes your interaction with clients more personal. Create a set of personalized email templates for your client category and connect to them on time, based on the client's engagement patterns, financial and policy document analytics.
  • To stay on top, use Zip for in-depth analytics. Using the dashboard, you can get smart insights, track your key performance indicators, and direct your business in the right direction.
  • Dashboard tracker keeps track of real-time data to help monitor the health and quality of their leads and spot the trends.
  • Create tickets for all your sales leads to track progress, add regular notes for references, and use the private messages feature to discuss confidently.
  • Maintain personalized customer experience.
  • Opportunity management to help sales individuals connect with the right prospects at the right time.
  • More efficient data tracking with excellent data analytic tools.

How Gridlex Sky Accounting software improves profits for financial Services?

Use Cases
  • AI Advisor helps you increase your profits and revenue with in-depth insights of services provided by different financial sectors.
  • Create and use customized multiple Invoice and bill templates for each category of clients and the different financial services rendered.
  • Add bank accounts, client accounts, import bank statements, and link transactions, making it easy for bank reconciliation.
  • Use a ready-made chart of account templates for your service industry, saving time.
  • Create invoices, add expense bills and related payment status, head office/branch wise tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Generate multiple reports, which helps understand financial performance from different services.
  • Client-wise revenue can be seen by generating reports and the status of invoices and payments.
  • A cloud-based platform on a hosted solution where you can manage multiple offices/branches along with multiple currencies.

How does Gridlex Ray HR software improve profits for Financial services?

Use Cases
  • Digitalize employee documents and salary processing for transparent communication.
  • Easily track staff’s performance, share continuous feedback, and generate performance reports with the help of a performance management system.
  • Ray allows employees to store and organize all documents in one secure location.
  • Manage onsite employees attendance and leave management
  • Easy to manage the workforce allotments in the sites.
  • Track employee cost by site/ location wise.
  • Employee Portal - employee can download, update and view information from the portal.

How does Gridlex Sky Expense management software help manage expenses and costs for Financial services?

Use Cases
  • Sky makes it easy for employees to split expenses by amount, days, or custom modules.
  • Set custom security roles per the organization's needs.
  • Automate expense reporting from start to finish, get approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Tag customer & category with the expense.
  • Make better decisions with real-time visibility of all of your time and expense data.
  • Design customized expense template.
  • Reduce expense spending.

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