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How do Gridlex Zip CRM & Customer Service Help Desk software Support your Legal Service Management?

    Use Cases
  • Keep track of cases by easily assigning and tagging case-related emails. It makes it simple to assign case emails to appropriate lawyers and tag emails that are relevant to the case.
  • With Zip, you can set the status update of a case to Open, Pending, or Closed and use private notes to share updates on crucial communications easily.
  • Send personalized WhatsApp texts, SMS and email to the customer regarding the lawsuit update, appointments, litigation status.
  • Zip's shared labels and shared inbox make it easier to collaborate on cases with lawyers and staff by keeping tabs on every case.
  • Benefits
  • Zip provides streamlined communication between departments to increase efficiency.
  • Help you track day-to-day communication with all customers.
  • Strengthen the brand image and reputation of your business.

How Gridlex Zip CRM software increases sales for your business in Legal service Management?

    Use Cases
  • Organize client communications and activities. Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records.
  • Add contacts with multiple tags such as ongoing cases, pending cases and search easily with the specific tag.
  • Quickly track the marketing sources and identify the converting leads.
  • Dashboard tracker keeps track of real-time data to help monitor the health and quality of their leads and spot the trends.
  • Benefits
  • Opportunity management to help sales individuals connect with the right prospects at the right time.
  • Identifying the most valuable accounts and delivering appropriate service levels.
  • Pre-plan your daily activities with activity tracker.

How Gridlex Sky Accounting software improves profits for Legal Management Industry?

    Use Cases
  • AI Advisor helps you increase your profits and revenue with in-depth insights of different categories of clients and cases.
  • Create invoices, add expense bills and related payment status, and branch & client wise tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Add bank accounts, import bank statements and link transactions & track payments of clients.
  • Use ready-made chart of account templates for your law firms.
  • Create and use customized multiple Invoice and bill templates for different lawsuits.
  • Benefits
  • Cloud-based platform on hosted solution which law firms can manage multiple offices/branches along with multiple currencies.
  • Generate reports for each office and branch separately, which helps understand the region's performance.
  • Client wise revenue can be seen by generating reports along with the status of invoice and payments.

How does Gridlex Ray HR software improve profits for Legal service Management?

    Use Cases
  • Digitalize employee documents and salary processing for transparent communication.
  • Easily track staff’s performance, share continuous feedback, and generate performance reports with the help of a performance management system.
  • HR Software allows employees to store and organize all of their documents in one secure location.
  • Manage remote employees attendance and leave management.
  • Benefits
  • Easy to manage the workforce allotments in the sites.
  • Track employee cost by sitewise/ location wise.
  • Employee Portal - employee can download, update and view information from the portal.

How does Gridlex Sky Expense management software help manage expenses and costs for Legal service Management?

    Use Cases
  • Automate expense reporting from start to finish, get approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Split additional expenses between teams.
  • Set security roles per user.
  • Tag customer & category with the expense.
  • Benefits
  • Design customized expense template.
  • Limit your organizational expenses.

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