Why Customer Support Should be Aware of the Sales Process In CRM?

Why Customer Support Should be Aware of the Sales Process In CRM?

If a sales rep is concerned that a customer will back out of the purchase or that pricing adjustments will be a serious barrier, the customer support can be notified as soon as possible so that misguided expectations can be addressed and the relationship can be restored. But how do you do it?


Both the sales rep and the customer support should interact to ensure that they are on the same page and that they are sharing best practices for dealing with a potentially difficult customer relationship. One integrated CRM and HelpDesk software can solve this issue.


Benefits of this Use Case


CRM and HelpDesk software is now critical for all businesses. Despite the fact, these solutions are widely utilized by major businesses, but small businesses are commonly unwilling to purchase these softwares because they have a very limited knowledge about the benefits. However, it is critical to consider the benefits of an integrated CRM and HelpDesk system, so that every business can flourish from silos to most efficient and effective, advanced and easy-to-use interface.


The sales process in CRM should be communicated to customer service. in addition to that, for both the sales and customer support teams, proper and detailed documentation of the existing relationship is the key. Sales rep should be able to see ongoing conversations with customer support in order to determine when to contact them and if a client is likely to cancel or renew their subscription. Customer support should keep track of their conversations with customers by documenting them, both to keep track of the various conversations and emails that occur throughout the day and to make it transparent across both teams which will help collaborate with every specialists to resolve customer issues.


1. You can manage customer engagement, and reach out to them easily on a single platform, enabling you to generate leads, convert them, and track each sale.

2. Gives you more insights into each feedback from your customers that results in a successful increase in your prospect base.

3. Allows you to handle customised contact information as well as reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing your clients to have a wonderful support experience.

4. You can simply manage a large number of clients, and swiftly handle their support calls providing a top-notch customer service.

5. Save a lot of money by eliminating unnecessary expenditures and providing a simplified process for your contacts and associated customer support.


Applications and Systems that need to be integrated


Having your CRM & Help Desk systems in sync makes it simple to link different teams to document and share information about various customer connections and conversations across channels. 


How Gridlex’s Integrated App Suite Helps 


Gridlex helps sales and customer support teams collaborate so that every customer gains a more comfortable and user-friendly purchase experience. Customer support ensures that customer contacts with the company stay good over time, while sales reps assist customers in finding products and services. But when both their sales conversations are in sync, a long-term client satisfaction be maintained as well as it creates potential leads through word-of-mouth referrals. Gridlex through Help Desk and CRM integration help you gain a 360-degree view of customers, increase efficiency, streamline data documentation and sharing, encourage employee collaboration, and get faster sales approvals.