Gridlex's App Suite is a key strategic partner to help scale Clearflow

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Gridlex’s App Suite and implementation services is a key strategic partner to help scale ClearFlow. The breadth and depth of Gridlex’s offering across data, sales analytics, and marketing automation has made Gridlex a critical element in articulating ClearFlow’s value to healthcare providers” said Paul Molloy, CEO of ClearFlow.

ClearFlow’s first commercial solution, the PleuraFlow® ACT® System, improves outcomes for cardiac surgery patients by preventing the most harmful postoperative complications associated with retained blood syndrome (RBS). The System seamlessly integrates into clinical workflow.

Gridlex’s hospital-specific disease burden data combined with personalized microsites elevates our marketing automation to a new level. The program represents a breakthrough in enabling personalized communication at scale, unique in the medical device community” said Stephen Bumb, Vice President Global Marketing at ClearFlow.

ClearFlow’s use of Gridlex App suite includes:

“Gridlex empowers our representatives by delivering the most relevant data with key machine-generated talking points. This enables our reps to have meaningful conversations about RBS and its impact on cardiac surgery outcomes. We are better equipped to help our customers. Best of all, the solution is easy to navigate and is at the team’s fingertips when they are engaged with customers.” said Michael Elniski, Vice President Global Sales at ClearFlow.