Shared Inbox

Maximize collaboration with a streamlined inbox solution.
Multiple Shared Inboxes

Unify diverse communication channels into a single interface

Gridlex Shared Inbox allows organizations to manage multiple communication channels in a centralized hub. For example, an e-commerce company might operate separate email accounts for customer support, sales, and marketing. This enables teams to manage and route messages with ease, applying workflows, automated rules, and specific teams for each channel, ensuring no communication slips through the cracks.

Convert Email into Record

Bridge communication gaps by converting emails into actionable tasks.

Gridlex Shared inboxes allow conversion of emails into records, providing a robust framework for tracking and managing issues. For example, a tech company’s support team can convert a client's bug report email into a record within their internal systems. This record allows the team to monitor the history of communications, document pertinent information, and maintain a detailed log of all interactions, ensuring efficient tracking and resolution of issues.

Custom Email Templates

Standardize messaging for consistent and efficient responses.

Gridlex Custom Email Templates feature facilitates standardized replies for recurring communications. For instance, a tech support team might frequently receive similar queries about software troubleshooting. With customizable templates, they can pre-design responses, incorporating placeholders for variables such as client names or specific issues. This reduces response time and ensures uniformity.

Email Scheduling

Deliver the right message at the right time.

Gridlex Email Scheduling feature allows teams to schedule emails for future delivery, which is crucial for global companies operating across multiple time zones. For example, a support team in New York can schedule a response to a European client during their local business hours, ensuring timely and relevant communication.