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How Gridlex Zip CRM & Customer Service Help Desk Software Customer Service and Helpdesk software builds stronger relationships with your customers

Use Cases
  • Categorize your technology and customer success tickets based on the type of issue, priority, and source to help technicians organize their workflow and ensure they know which tickets demand their focus and which tickets should be escalated.
  • Eliminate breaches through periodic notifications and alerts about ticket expiry dates.
  • Coordinate closing, inspection, insurance, finance and legal communication from a Single mail and text messaging box accessible to authorized employees
  • Organize customer service workflows, centralized customer data, create a self-service knowledge base, and ask questions frequently (FAQs).
  • Integrate with multiple channels for multi-channel communication in one platform.
  • Resolve tickets faster and consistently.
  • Save time, improve productivity and business performance.
  • Keep track of client context.

How Gridlex Zip CRM software increases sales for your IT operations?

Use Cases
  • Prioritize potential leads to classify which leads are the most promising and send the information to your sales team.
  • Dashboard tracker provides tools for publishers to keep track of their delivery, allowing them to spot trends and monitor the health and quality of their leads in real-time.
  • Track leads through the marketing campaigns.
  • Schedule Follow ups and reminders via SMS and email.
  • Opportunity management to help sales individuals connect with the right prospects at the right time
  • Identifying the most valuable accounts and delivering appropriate service levels.
  • Efficient lead management.

How Gridlex Sky Accounting software improves profits for your IT Operations?

Use Cases
  • Do automated revenue recognition for your SAAS and Subscription business
  • Let AI help you increase your Profits and Revenue with in-depth insights into different IT Projects and the period comparison.
  • Create invoices, add bills and track payments along with Solution wise tracking of revenue and expenses.
  • Use ready-made Chart of Account templates and Invoice and Bill templates for your software business solutions.
  • Add Bank Accounts, import bank statements and link transactions for easy reconciliation.
  • AI Advisor reports improve business performance and help the management in decisions for different solutions.
  • Generate Reports for an entity with Department wise, customer and Branch wise.
  • Ageing reports to getting a summary of customers and suppliers overdue.

How does Gridlex Ray HR software improve profits for your IT operations?

Use Cases
  • Manage remote employees attendance and leave management.
  • Digitalize employee documents and salary processing for transparent communication.
  • Track marketing and sales employee meetings and client/customer visits by using GeoTrack.
  • Get in-depth HR reports and analytics
  • Track employee cost by site/ location wise.
  • Employee Portal - employee can download, update and view information from the portal
  • Easy to manage the workforce allotments in the sites.

How does Gridlex Sky Expense management software help manage expenses and costs for your IT operations?

Use Cases
  • Automate expense reporting from start to finish, get approvals, and reimburse on time.
  • Split additional expenses between teams.
  • Limit your organisational expenses
  • Set security roles per user.
  • Tag customer & category with the expenses
  • Track each and every action in the activity log.
  • Design customized expense template
  • Limit your organisational expenses

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