Altathera Pharmaceuticals uses Gridlex’s Healthcare Gridlex App Suite to integrate key technology tools in one platform

AltaThera Pharmaceuticals, a hospital specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing innovative drugs aimed at improving outcomes and reducing hospital costs, chose Gridlex’s App Suite to help scale the operations of the company. AltaThera recently received approval from the FDA for new indications of Sotalol IV, to help hospitals manage patients with Afib.

“We chose Gridlex because it integrates the myriad of applications such as CRM, Sales Reporting, Medical Information Request (MIRF) and Sunshine Reporting into a single platform that our sales, commercial and other operations can utilize to scale” said Jodi Devlin, AltaThera's CEO

Altathera’s use of Gridlex Apps include:

Gridlex not only brings the core applications but also the implementation services to customize it to fit the precise needs of Altathera. Unlike, other technology platforms where the implementation services are disconnected underlying technology. This helps Altathera manage costs while scaling the operations of the operations effectively.