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Answer questions faster through multiple support channels, including email, live chat, Facebook, and more — all in one place. With automation, you can automatically create tickets based on customer emails, create rules to add tags, and automatically apply filters based on the subject. You can send emails based on the ticket being created/updated.

Gridlex Zip helps you reply to your customer, update CRM, inform the internal team or respond according to the customized automation rule to decide what happens when you receive customer inquiries.


Use Zip's tool to automatically direct tickets to the right people at the right time, ensuring that no ticket gets missed or delayed. Automate processes and leverage feedback to understand what customers want, so you can improve your processes and save time for yourself and your customers.


Automate your service desk tool and enhance the productivity of your support team with Gridlex Zip. Automation actions are predefined rules that allow you to automatically run specific tasks when a particular event happens, thus solving many repetitive and routine issues in your environment. With an added level of automation, you can now track, report, and analyze data efficiently to ensure optimal use of resources.

Agent Management

Gridlex Zip improves you to resolve and acknowledge client requests by routing tickets to the right agent for the fastest response while keeping tabs on team and agent workload and performance.


Are you worried about nurturing customer relationships, yet do you manually assign tickets? With Gridlex Zip, you can set rules around assigning tickets to particular departments, agents, and functions so that you can focus on what’s important - customer relationships.

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