Gridlex Zip Customizations

Ticket Templates

Create custom templates with additional information and make your agent's task effortless.

An administrator can create custom templates with additional information like subject, description, and ticket properties according to your needs. Your agents can use these templates to create tickets and send emails quickly.

Custom Fields

Create a custom workflow and respond to customers quick off the mark

Custom Fields are the most effective way to store additional information about tickets in a format that you define. You can add additional information fields to the ticket and search for tickets with custom fields, such as different identifiers or unique codes. Keep all of your necessary ticket data in one easy-to-use application.

Custom Objects

Create custom objects to capture and store data unique to your business.

Gridlex Zip has custom objects that help store and manage customer data unique to businesses and act as a mini database. For example, the custom objects for a rental company could be the Rental agreements where there are multiple agreements that needs to be associated with a ticket or a campaign that are further mapped to the CRM.

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