Gridlex Zip Ticket Management

Custom Ticket templates

With Gridlex Zip ticket templates, you can predefine a ticket type characteristics. These include fields and objects on the form and default information. This predefined information is automatically inserted into the new ticket record when an agent creates a ticket from that ticket template. This will help you automatically route tickets between agents and recommend solutions to first-time fixes.

Create as many ticket templates as required, each with its unique attributes, such as names, descriptions, or emails with a specific issue, then add custom fields for them to fill in for added information. You'll be able to provide instant support that fits your customers' needs seamlessly.

Ticket workflow mapping

Create Ticket workflow mapping to concerned departments for seamless operation.

Ticket workflow maps are graphical representations of the actions, decisions, or tasks carried out in order to achieve a specific result. Ticket workflow maps provide an easy and quick way to visualize standard processes from start to finish. The necessary steps can be mapped to create a standard workflow or identify and eliminate wasted effort. After you've created the workflow, you'll be able to map out your process from beginning to end. Add start or endpoints, decision points for conditional logic programmatic decision making, express required actions, add timing delays, etc. Workflows assist businesses in developing actionable and measurable processes that define predictable outcomes. Intelligent workflow automation can help your teams work more efficiently.


Categorize tickets for seamless customer service

Organization can use Gridlex Zip to create zones for their most business areas or manage multiple departments or business units. Managers can then assign tickets to the appropriate zone or team based on the request type. This is particularly useful when you want to divide tickets into departments and assign roles to each. Departments can also have access to only the tickets that have been assigned to them. Zones are ideal for any company with multiple areas of responsibility that require assigning tickets to specific units.

Let's say that your agents get multiple queries regarding multiple cases like IT (e.g. Bug Tracking and Management), the Finance department (e.g. Processing Bills and Invoices), the HR (e.g. Processing Employee concerns) or Customer Service (e.g. Responding to customer support requests).

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