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Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits Between CRM & Accounting + ERP

Integrating your CRM with your Accounting + ERP software is the simplest approach to figure out where your revenue is coming from. This helps businesses to track revenue sources specifically tying each rupee you earn by your business to a specific deal or marketing campaign. In this way, CRM+Accounting integration opens up your organization to many new opportunities since it allows you to manage master data across several existing applications with less effort. It is in that direction, Gridlex App Suite has integrated applications into a single interface to manage:

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Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between CRM & HRMS

Gridlex’s CRM and Payroll + HRMS integration provides a complete overview of customers, finances and employee operations. With integrated CRM+HRMS software, sales reps can easily generate custom proposals, approve orders, see invoices and encash sales-commissions without leaving the interface. Devising a single application for CRM and HRMS, Gridlex App Suite can be your business's single source of truth for everything from spotting new sales opportunities to closing more deals, attracting excellent candidates, improving employee experience, and delivering customer satisfaction. Gridlex’s App Suite helps improve any business by streamlining customer operations through employee collaborations, helping to better define the requirements of customers, and ensuring high velocity execution. Gridlex offers a cloud-based integrated CRM solution for marketing, customer relationship management, and service quality, with a powerful HR and payroll system.The good CRM programs are those that integrate with other software systems such as HRMS, Help Desk, and Accounting, henceforth the best is brought to you by Gridlex App Suite.

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Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between HRMS & Accounting + ERP

Integrated HR, accounting and ERP systems streamline many of the daily activities and information processing required to efficiently manage business operations. Gridlex’s integrated HRMS + Payroll and Accounting cloud-based platform makes it easier for your payroll and accounting departments to work from one single interface. It lets you transfer data between HRMS Payroll and your accounting system fast and easily, saving you time and avoiding the headaches that come with duplicate data entering. Gridlex's one integrated apps suite for managing customers, finances, and employees connects every facet of total business requirements, whether it's payroll, CRM, Accounting, ERP, inventory management, project management, time tracking, geotracking, and other built-in functionality that's easy to use and cost-effective.

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Top Integration Use Cases & Benefits between Helpdesk & CRM

The integration between CRM and Help Desk flawlessly manages the customer conversation flow, and it is cost-effective. With this integration, what customers require and what you provide are quite obvious, and you can leverage this integration to add more value. The most crucial part of integration is having all the customer data under a single database. For instance, as soon as you add a new contact into your CRM, it will automatically be added to your Help Desk campaign. This allows sales managers to stay in touch with their customers, collaborate with support teams to manage requests, close tickets, and provide value to the customer experience.

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India MCA Audit Trail Notification: Everything You Need To Know

What is an Audit Trail?
An Audit Trail is a detailed, chronological record where accounting, project details, and other financial data are tracked and traced. It is advisable to have an Audit trail as it would verify and track all kinds of transactions, work processes, accounting details, trades in brokerage accounts etc, especially now that the MCA has made it mandatory.

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